17 Feb

Why you should take mock tests before taking the CFA exams!

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If you have been anxious of the fact that clearing the CFA exams is difficult, let me tell you something. Your Anxiousness has a reason. There is never smoke without fire, at least in this case. With less than 5% success rate, you can easily call it one of the difficult most charters to gather. Hence the respect it garners in the industry. Given the current market ecosystem, a general graduation degree will not do you much good. You need more mettle in your tussle! A CFA charter equips with the skill, knowledge and preparation to deal with the highly dynamic market.

But before you get to the charter there is the highly dreaded levels of exams you have to pass. Most of might be taking preparation courses from home or with an institute. But beyond the hectic classes and evaluation tests and assignments, there is something that many do not take very seriously. And research shows it is this small factor that affects your chances in the exam the most. Yes! We are talking about Mock tests! No matter how boring or inconsequent it sounds, make sure you take as many mock tests as possible. Why? Here are three simple reasons why!

They teach you what the important topics are

Here’s the deal. You might follow all the online and biblical lists of comparable data that give you an idea of the important topics based on appropriated data derived from the past few years of examinations. While that might give you mental confidence to know you have a tabulated copy of the topics, it doesn’t do much good. Once you make mock tests a habit. Your brain starts reading patterns and understands as to which topics repeat more often. This helps you a lot when there are only few days to the exam when there is a lot to revise.

Helps you imbibe exam structure

Similar to what’s been said in the above portion, inculcating the habit of taking mock tests helps you imbibe exam structure. While the tabulated data that is available from the institute as to the exam structure for various levels help you develop a bit of familiarity with the exam, it has not much practical purpose. There is a thin line that separates subjectivity and objectivity. That thin line is called experience. Taking up mock tests lets you imbibe the exam structure rather than just know it. So when you sit for the exam, your body consciousness takes over and you can straight away man oeuvre through the exam paper according to your preparation and topic prowess.

Helps you retain what you have studied

Simply mugging up and repeatedly learning does help you remember the concepts, but you are still left far away from application. Like the old men would say “Rowing a boat teaches you about the sea, more than looking at it would.” Taking mock tests repeatedly teaches your mind to think about related concepts again and again. That way you develop what they call “thought tank” wherein your mind subconsciously stores information that you can revisit based on reference points. This is how great scholars remember so many complex facts. For example, when you see a string of words in a question, your mind does its own selection process and throws out thoughts related to the words you read as input. Mock tests are a great way to learn and remember stuff and also to produce it with minimum reaction time at the exams.

Starts Flight mode during exams

If you have not heard what ‘flight mode’ is you must be living under a rock! It signifies the highest level of responsiveness. The more mock tests you take, the more your mind body and soul gets used to the subtler effects of the test on your exam. This means you are well rehearsed to enact a high level of concentration and confidence during the real test. Most people fail the exams because they are not prepared to respond to the actual exam scenario. Sitting at home or class studying concepts and problems is far away from the atmosphere of the exam. Mock exams put you in a staged scenario similar to the real exam, and prepare you to expect and anticipate the exam even before taking it. It’s a kind of scenario that top athletes follow. Well CFA exams are no less than running a marathon. So take as many mock tests as you can.

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