VittVaan Talent Hunt 2022

VittVaan Talent Hunt 2022- Scholarship for Class 12 Board Examinees aspiring to build a career in finance

Clarion call to Class 12 March/April ‘22 Board examinees..


Show your mettle..


Win VittVaan Talent 2022 Scholarship Test..


One of a kind Scholarship which funds your journey in Finance..


For starters, VittVaan derives its name from “Vitt” meaning Finance and “Vaan” for Vidhvaan or Knowledgeable…


VittVaan is a  a merit-based scholarship for Class 12 students (ISC, CBSE, International Board or  State boards) who aspire to build a career in the world of Finance.

VittVaan rewards merit. So the concept is simple. You compete with your peers and top 3 make it to the meritorious pool of Scholarship winners.

Seats are limited.


So register NOW on SSEIQForum







FAQ on VittVaan Talent 2022 Scholarship Test

  • What is the reward structure for VittVaan Talent 2022 ?

Top 3 performers in VittVaan Talent 2022 EARN the Scholarship. The scholarship reward structure is as follows:

                1st prize – ₹2,00,000
                2nd prize – ₹1,00,000
                3rd prize – ₹50,000


   Must Note:


  1. Scholarship is not CASH reward.
  2.  The prize money awarded shall be strictly used for the purpose of funding qualification in finance from a professional institute of repute in India or globally viz ICAI, ICSI, ICMAI, CFA Institute, GARP, ACCA, CPA, Institute of Actuaries of India, Institute of Management Accountants and the like.
  3. The scholarship can also be utilized to fund any subscription that the student wishes to make on ULURN.in for his or her consumption.
  4. It may be noted that the courses can be booked only by the student registered for VittVaan Talent 2022 in his / her own name and for his/her own consumption alone.
  5. Scholarship winners must consume the scholarship amount within 31 March 2025.


  • Who is eligible to appear for VittVaan Talent 2022?


All Class 12 students appearing for Board exam in Mar-Apr ‘22 are eligible to appear for the VittVaan Talent 2022. However it is noteworthy that the Scholarship so won can only and only be used towards funding courses in finance and no other stream.



  • What are the topics on which the candidate shall be tested?


The candidates are free to choose from any one of the following topics


  1. Maths
  2. Accounts
  3. Mixed (Maths+Accounts)


By providing the student with more than one choice, we want to ensure a level playing field for students from both science as well as commerce backgrounds.


The syllabus for the above-mentioned subjects will be as per Semester 2 of ISC, CBSE and other state boards.


The candidate must make his/her choice at the time of registering for the exam & must attempt the same paper that he/she had selected at the time of registration. Therefore, participants are advised to exercise utmost caution whilst making a decision.



  • When is VittVaan Talent 2022 scheduled to be held?shall the mock exam be held? 


Date: 6th March

Time: 4pm to 5pm IST



  • What is the format of the paper?


The paper will have 50 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with no negative marking



  • When are the winners expected to be announced?


The winners of VittVaan Talent 2022 Scholarship test will be announced on 7th March 2022. All decisions made by the management in this regard shall be final & binding. Hence, no claims on this matter shall be entertained.

  • Where will the exam be held?


The exam shall be conducted online on the SSEI QForum Mock Test platform



  • I have a friend/relative studying in Class XII, can I refer him/her?




You are encouraged to spread the word about VittVaan Talent 2022.



  • How should I register myself for the examination?


Please log on QForum to register for VittVaan Talent 2022 scholarship test.

Fee: INR 200

Link: https://mocktest.sseiqforum.com/learn/CLASS-12—VITTVAAN-TALENT-2022—6-MARCH-2022



  • I still have some queries regarding the examination. What should I do?


For any queries on VittVaan Talent 2022 scholarship test, please feel free to:

Email: QForum@ssei.co.in or

Call/WhatsApp: +91 7595058006/ +91 9674006144


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