17 Feb

Top Five businesses, accounting, and bookkeeping blogs you should be following online

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If you are a student of business, accounting or bookkeeping, you very well know of countless blogs online that are being recommended as the best blog to be followed by anyone involved in business or accounting. A simple Google search with the keywords, “best online business and accounting blogs” or something similar throws up a never ending list of blogs you can actually read. Most of the times we choose the ones that are ranked high. But with SEO and paid ads being used by the internet business community like the opportunist uses opportunity, which is the blog that one should follow to keep in touch with all things business and accounting? Here is a list of five blogs that deal with business, accounting or bookkeeping that you should be following right now!

CPA Success

Administrated by the Maryland Association of CPA’s, this blog site is pretty popular among CPAs and business and accounting enthusiasts. In the present business ecosystem, Certified Public Accountants are well sought after. With skill sets ranging from business strategy, staffing concerns and professional services, approaching business and accounting from a CPA’s perspective serves to be quite a purposeful experience. This blog is a must for those that are studying business or accounting courses as well as new professionals.

Appletree Business Services

Specializing in a range of accounting services including taxation and payroll, Appletree Business Services is an accounting a bookkeeping company based out of New Hampshire. Their website carries periodic blogs on a range of accounts and business related topics, authored by CPA Steve. Steve’s blog is an entry into the accounting world with not a single ounce of sugar coated jargon and pretentiousness. With hit viral blogs like “How to insult an IRS auditor” among the many blogs posted online, it is a must visit for not only students of finance, business and accounts but for professionals as well.

Beancounter Ramblings

Beancounter Ramblings is quite essentially the most interactive accounting and business blog available online. Written as part of Bordeaux and Bordeaux’s by authors Donna and Chad, the blogs talk about a range of topics. With a ton of blogs on various types of taxation, it is an authoritative resource for anything that has to do with information on taxation and accounting.

The ADD accountant

A breezy take on accounting and finance with a wee bit of sports thrown in, this wonderful blog is managed and published by one of the members of the management of Patrick Accounting and Tax Services PLLC, who goes by the name “The ADD accountant” online. With blogs on various accounting and taxation topics with a bit of everyday humour and news thrown in makes for an easy and enjoyable morning read.

Life and Times of Accounting

The Virginia based accounting firm McGuire Williams has been creating solutions for their client’s accounting problems for a long time now. Their blog is an extension of all such experiences with insightful takes on the realistic aspects of business accounting. It is a must read for young accountants and students of the subject.

Well, that comprises the list of five great accounting and bookkeeping blogs that will help you manage and learn about the latest in accounting and bookkeeping. Bookmark this blog for more such interesting blogs from Sanjay Saraf Educational Institute. Sanjay Saraf Educational Institute provides the best coaching classes in finance and accounting subjects. For more information.

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