17 Feb

Five apps every CA student should experience right now

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With a gruelling and stressful schedule, Chartered Accountancy students have an intense time coping with the pressures of the course. But then, when has the road to success been easy? Preparing for C.A exams need a lot of dedication and prioritised effort. Other than the lack of time, one thing that most C.A students have these days is a smart phone. Hence, it goes without saying that a lot many of us use applications on a regular or periodic basis. “Dude, I’ve got to spend less time on my phone and more time studying”, is one of the most familiar phrases you will get to hear among students of Chartered Accountancy. But did you know there are a few apps available, which will help you prepare better for your C.A exams? Here is a list of five of the best apps from that lot, which C.A students will love.


Keeping tabs on what’s happening around you can get difficult for Chartered Accountancy students, thanks to the choc-a –block schedule. Apart from the main notes, most students do like to make their own notes to help with the study process. The Examine app will prove to be very helpful for such students. With a range of features that lets you create and compile notes, flashcards, mind-maps and quizzes, one can easily keep notes on any topic right on their fingertips. This is highly recommended as it helps in revision a lot. Apart from these standard features, the app also lets you create or manage your own time-table, which helps prioritise and maximise your efforts.

HP12 C Financial Calculator

The HP12 C financial calculator is the go-to calculator and much needed tool for any accountant working in the industry. No wonder that the application is so popular among accountants and students. The app’s look and feel imitates that of the calculator itself and is a must-have for every Chartered Accountancy student. A unanimous favourite, the HP12C Financial Calculator app makes preparation easier. But do remember, mobile phones are not allowed inside the exam hall, so practice on an actual calculator couple of weeks before the exam is highly recommended.

Accounting Glossary

Be it a student or a working professional, remembering a whole lot of accounting terms and phrases is expected of a CA. It is obviously not possible to remember it all in a jiffy. With a collection of over 500 accounting terms and phrases, catalogued alphabetically, the Accounting Glossary app comes in handy, if you just need a quick reminder.


Be it a C.A student, or any working professional, keeping a track of all the different passwords becomes impossible. For a student of Chartered Accountancy, there is often the need to save various documents, files, spreadsheets, or presentations under password protection. IF you have been using a single password for all such files, stop it now! With the 1Password app you can simply use a single master password to access all your passwords or data. Another great feature is that the app helps you create strong passwords, which are not generic in nature.


Finally an app which seems to be tailor made for students of Chartered Accountancy, SelfControl promises to make it easier to resist temptation. There is nothing easier in this world, than mastering the art of getting distracted while studying. To help you focus like a Shalin monk, Self Control offers various features using which you can block your own access to various websites for a stipulated amount of time. Simply choose the websites you want to avoid while studying and key in a timer. Until the timer stops, you will not be allowed access to the website. Though the whole ordeal may seem harsh, it actually helps you limit the wastage of your time while studying.

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