17 Feb

Deconstructing the CFA maze with no strings attached!

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The swiftly changing industrial pulse and ecosystem warrants a high level competitiveness. It’s all about the skill. But while universities and institutes advertise courses that all sound necessary, there is a rising question! Are charters like CFA really that sort after by the Industry heads? If so why?

Often termed the ‘Gold Standard’ by investment professionals, the CFA certification is quite literally the jewel of the crop in all of commercial and finance related degrees.

With an estimated study time upwards of 750 hours for all three levels, it is one of the most intensive certifications to pursue. So if you still have any doubts as to whether the CFA charter is worth the jingle, here are few reasons why it is!

Set yourself apart

Some privileges come with the trade. Since the whole world is gaga over the CFA charter, it does help you start on a stronger footing, especially among peers. The CFA charter is already considered an extremely difficult degree to obtain, so the few that actually get it are treated like MVP’s. The truth is there is a consensus regarding the fact that CFA’s know more and can handle investments better. It hence sets you apart in your workplace. Research shows that the growth of a CFA is over 35 % faster in the first five years in comparison to other candidates that join an organisation with a similar job description.

Make an impression

Making an impression is always important. Half of which we have already discussed. But to understand the importance of the degree on industry leads and peers let us use an analogy. Have you ever noticed the amount of respect an army man commands. Let’s face it they go through unimaginable training and only the resilient get through. We already know that not everyone can be a soldier. It takes a special kind of mettle to be one. The case is same with CFA charter holders. Most people who enroll for the course drop out. It takes an intensive preparation time. Most employers already have an impression that you are made of strong mettle, if you have a CFA degree. So, basically under an employer’s eye, anyone that gets a CFA charter has already proved patience, grit, endurance and confidence all of which puts you ahead of your peers to start with.

Skill enhancement

Most of all, the competitive market recognises skill. The CFA charter equips you with skills that none other degrees will equip with. For instance, if you go by the sheer study hours involved it is more intensive than getting a PhD (minus the thesis). But who asks for a thesis when you apply for a job? Either way you can choose to do your thesis on any topic you want while doing a PhD. Most employers already believe that there is a standard body of skills that a CFA brings, especially in portfolio management. Most hedge fund analysts and investment professionals prefer CFA for investment and financial analysis has already become a specialised area of knowledge with a huge research database. So, get a CFA while you can.
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