17 Feb

D2H: Direct to Home Classes for assured success!

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The market ecosystem is highly competitive these days and many are left to choose between dreams and careers. As far as the corporate set up is concerned, there are a few degrees that are highly recognised and respected in the professional circle. Degrees like CFA, FRM, CA, Actuarial Science CS-FTFM offer a lot of edge to anyone looking to enter the commerce, finance and accounting sector.

It is not only fresh graduates or those out of school that look to study these courses. Since work experience is also a major requirement in most qualified jobs, there are a huge number of working professionals that hope to complete the course and get any one of the above charters. Most often than not, time is a major constraint. Keeping in mind the requirements of several working professionals, Sanjay Saraf Educational Institute has launched Direct-to-Home classes that are designed to bring the classroom to your home. Our continuous endeavour in improving content delivery and our overall portfolio has only helped us understand the pulse and need of the market at any hour and design courses to the benefit of the student.

Here is our complete portfolio of D2H classes that you could opt for if you want to add the extra edge to your profile without compromising on your professional experience.

Best Faculty

Even in the D2H package, we provide the best faculty for each subject. With Mr Sanjay Saraf (CFA, FRM, MS(Fin), CTM, CIIA, CPM, CIB), as faculty for CFA, CS-FTFM,  Mr. Karan Agarwal (CFA, FRM)  and Mr Sanjay Saraf (CFA, FRM, MS(Fin), CTM, CIIA, CPM, CIB) as faculty for FRM, you can be rest assured of the best in-depth preparation in each of the subjects. As far as C.A is concerned, an array of the best faculty including Mr. Rajesh Srinetra, Prof. Gulab Mishra, Mr. Soumyadipta Das,  Mr. Piyush Pugalia, Mr. Sanjay Saraf and Mr.Brindavan Giri help you to prepare in the various modules of the subject.

Comprehensive Deliverables

The Direct to Home package is designed to bring the classroom to your home with the least loss of classroom atmosphere. To help achieve the same we send you a few well detailed deliverables like in-depth video classes, study notes including question set, and what we all TFCH or Tuition Free Continuing Help.  Apart from the video classes and the notes and questions et that help you prepare the TFCH feature helps you get rid of doubts on your own by clearing the understanding of concepts.

The D2H classes are apt for working professionals and students pursuing another course.

6 Responses to “D2H: Direct to Home Classes for assured success!”

  1. Aditya Goel says:

    Can you please explain in detail the SFM Crash Course and Amendment Class(es). (i.e. topics covered, no of classes, length of classes, resources provided along with)
    Also what is the estimated time for me to receive the Deliverables (i.e. the reerence book, any additional question bank, etc)

  2. Ritesh lunawat says:

    I am keen to join but need to understand few things. Pls call, my number 989247200

  3. Ritesh lunawat says:

    Pls call 9892475200

  4. Bipn says:


    I reside in Delhi. I just wanted some clarification about CFA- D2H.

    1. Is D2H, simply, an online broadcast of video classes ? Or will i receive a storage drive (pen drive or whatever) with classes in it?

    2. Will D2H enable me to take classes in my laptop ( at my home) ? OR should i visit SSEI centers for broadcast?
    2. Can I take classes at whatever time I opt to? Or are there specific times for broadcast?
    3. Also, what does HDD written along side D2H mean? (As in D2H+HDD costs INR 29,600)


  5. BHAWESH says:


    Purchased your pendrive but the support system is not good after making payment we have to call them constantly but they are not responding properly.

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