About Us

Karan Aggarwal is a B.COM graduate, CFA Level 3 Cleared, FRM part 2 passed,CQF cleared as well.

Sanjay Saraf Sir, CFA, FRM, CPM, CTM, CIM has 15 years of experience teaching finance to thousands of students. Sanjay Saraf takes unmatchable curriculum based trainings for CA, CFA, FRM, CS, and CWA.

All the trainings are taken under the umbrella of SSEI. It is to be noted that we take trainings at Individual, Classroom, University and Corporate Level.

Karan’s affair with Excel!

My first encounter with excel happened while pursuing FRM part 2 and it was love at first sight. After that I attended various excel modelling trainings and read some great books to show my love. Note missing the fact that learning everything in FRM on excel helped me get to scores in Market Risk, Credit Risk, and Operational Risk.

In last two years I have tried to compile and build model for every topic in Finance and the effort is still going on. Also quite fascinating when I see back that I have built a whole lot library of Books on modelling which makes me more passionate.

In the journey many people were concerned and frustrated that I was leaving behind advanced software technologies like MATLAB, SAS to go design a few models on Microsoft’s toy named Excel !!! But Excel had hit my first love. I was thoroughly enjoying the amount of creativity and freedom Excel was offering, least bothered about what my resume will read.

Later on I learnt some of these software’s and realized that they are very easy to work on since I knew how the entire algorithm works in excel. Had excel been missing it would have been frustrating to me to understand what the software is doing.

So in my belief, not hurting anyone’s sentiments, excel takes you through the algorithm loyally comparing with these software’s which are just click and go.

I wanted to ensure that just like me, commerce graduates should not be left behind because of their poor Mathematical and coding skills which developed in me a passion for teaching in excel.


Econometrics using excel
* Prepayment Modelling and MBS
* Operational risk modelling
* Market Risk Modelling
* Credit Risk Modelling
* VBA For Finance
* Cash Flow Modelling