CFA Coaching Classes

The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) is one of the more frequently sought after designations for investment professionals. However, becoming a CFA charter holder is not for the faint-hearted nor the uninterested. The journey to becoming a CFA charter holder is exciting, and it tests not only your knowledge of the subject, but also your endurance, diligence and will. According to the CFA Institute, the current program is best described as a self-study, distance-learning program that takes a generalist approach to investment analysis, valuation and portfolio management, and emphasizes the highest ethical and professional standards.

The CFA program consists of three exams: CFA Level 1CFA Level 2 and CFA Level 3. As a CFA candidate, you are required to pass each of these exams and you must meet certain work requirements as set out by the CFA Institute.

Training for CFA:

Sanjay Saraf Sir, hailed as the Finance Guru, trains for all three levels of CFA. With multiple qualifications in finance, teaching experience spanning 20 years and focus on concepts rather than rote learning, he is uniquely positioned to provide the most in depth training in finance.

Enroll with SSEI for in depth preparation, concept clarity and optimize your chance of clearing the CFA examination. Call on 8100300400 for details. SSEI Provides you CFA Videos and CFA classes online .


  • Lectures :- 270
  • Duration :~520 hrs
  • Skill level :- Beginner
  • Language :- English


  • Lectures :- 200
  • Duration : ~350 hrs
  • Skill level :- Intermediate
  • Language :- English


  • Lectures :- 120
  • Duration :~220 hrs
  • Skill level :- Advanced
  • Language :- English


The classes are very well explanatory and even if I had questions or doubts Sanjay Saraf Educational Institute helped me to understand and clear all of them. I can’t say a big enough thank you for your passionate teaching and response. The whole experience with Sanjay Saraf Educational Institute really helped ease my learning and keep me motivated and focussed to go on.

ssei testimonial
-Rishika Rathi
Student of SSEI

Whether it was providing insight weeks before the exam or calming nerves hours before the exam, the SSEI tutoring was invaluable. Everything from the comprehensive study guide to having a thoroughly knowledgeable and experienced teacher equipped me with everything needed to pass the exam. Sanjay Sir’s excellent delivery with strong focus on exam preparation and understanding of content makes him a top notch lecturer. The training made a world of difference to my preparation. It also altered my attitude. It made me understand that no professional challenge is too big to conquer

ssei testimonial
-Rishabh Jain
CFA Level 3 candidate

It is difficult to express my debt to Sanjay Sir. One is led by him to the path of education in such a subtle way that before one could realise the impactof personality one become his ardent follower. I feel privileged that he was my mentor and a guide. “Sanjay Sir is truly an asset to the education society”

ssei testimonial
-Jasmine Bhutoria
Cleared CFA Level III, Capital Markets Profesional