17 Feb

CFA level 1 classes to commence on 22nd July 2016 for June 2017 edition

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According to the latest research CFA charter holders earn about 55 per cent more than their peers. CFA or Chartered Financial Analyst charter offered by the CFA institute is one of the most respected and glorious degree. Throughout the financial sector, the candidates with CFA degree are sought after by employers and companies, big and small.

What is a CFA Certification all about?

The CFA certification program is aimed at equipping you with specialization in a wide range of investment principles that can be applied in the worldwide market. Other than equipping you with these investment principles it also helps you meet professional requirements of any work place. In fact a finance professional’s integrity and competence is measured by an authoritative standard as the CFA program.

One has to give a series of exams over three levels, Level I, Level II, and Level III to obtain a CFA charter. It takes at least two years to clear all three exams.

The respect that the degree commands is not without reason. On average, only about 40-45 percent of those enrolled are able to complete the course. One has to study a rigorous amount on topics covering the length and breadth of finance and allied subjects to be able to even attempt few of the questions in the paper.

But with so many institutes and educators around who offer CFA courses, how come the success rate of students remain around a similar value. Research suggests that most students fail because of the lack of time management and prioritising skills. Also many are clueless as to which topics to concentrate on according to each level of the CFA exam.

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