17 Feb

20 Quick Titbits Of General Economics For CPT Students

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General Economics is an important subject in your CPT exam. You must have a good understanding of the various aspects of Indian Economics for cracking this exam. So, are you preparing for your CPT exams? If yes, then here are some titibits of Indian Economy to help you with your paper:

General Economics Tips For CPT Students

  1. The decentralisation system was recommended by Balwant Rai Mehta
  2. Income Tax in India is Direct and Progressive.
  3. Principle Source of revenue to the State Government in India is Sales tax.
  4. The open market operations of a Central Bank are sales and purchase of trade bills.
  5. Bankers to the public is not a function of the RBI.
  6. Punjab National Bank and New bank of India have been merged as per the recommendation by the Narasimhan Committee.
  7. The Reserve Bank of India issues notes under the minimum reserve system.
  8. India’s Economic Summit was held in December 1999 in New Delhi
  9. 100 days is the maximum number of days of employment in a year, a member of the rural poor family would get under the Jawahar Rozgar Yojana.
  10. Convertibility of Rupee implies freely permitting the conversion of Rupee to other major currencies and vice versa.
  11. Among Indian Economics V.K.R.V Rao had done pioneering work on National Income.
  12. Chelliah Committee panel examined and suggested tax reforms.
  13. Jawahar Rozgar Yojana was started by Rajiv Gandhi.
  14. Bank Rate implies the rate of interest paid by RBI on the Deposits of Commercial Banks.
  15. Globalisation of Indian Economy“” means having minimum possible restrictions on economic relations with other countries.
  16. Buyers market denotes the place where the supply exceeds the demand.
  17. The budget is presented to the Parliament on the last day of February.
  18. Income that is saved and not invested is known as hoarding.
  19. A socialist state is the one in which there is only state and collective ownership of means of production.
  20. There are 15 languages used in a ten rupee note.

Hope these pointers will help you to brush up your knowledge of general economics for your CPT exams. If you want to get enrolled to CPT classes in Kolkata, get in touch with us. Also, we have the option of providing CPT coaching online. For more information, please check our course details.

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