17 Feb

10 Tips For Beating Stress For Student Appearing For CFA

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Preparing for the CFA exam is a tedious task. Covering a myriad of topics within a time span of a few months can be very demanding and stressful for you. Avoid a complete burnout by following these simple tips:

1. Accept the Stress

Stress ManagementStress during the CFA preparation is normal. If you accept this reality, it becomes easy for you to manage stress.

2. Adapt your strategies carefully

CFA Exam Study PlanEvaluate where you stand in regards to your preparation. Fix specific targets. If you are running along with your target, then you’re doing fine. If you are lagging behind, then give extra efforts.

3. Practice a lot

CFA Exam Practice TestTake practice tests well in advance. Do not wait for the last hours. This will release stress from your mind once the exam dates are approaching.

4. Try Meditation

Meditation Helps To Relax Stress affects your brain function and hampers your thought process. Calm down a bit and let your brain relax. Mindfulness meditation will boost your brain function.

5. Write about your worries

Write Your Worries A study by the University of Chicago revealed that writing about your exam fears before taking it helps you to score better. A study by the University of Colorado too showed similar results.

6. Take A Break

Study BreakBefore you get yourself at the brink of getting stressed, take a break. Go for a walk, take some fresh air. This will help you to relax.

7. Take a Study Course in Advance

CFA Coaching ClassesThe amount of information that you are digesting before the exam can overwhelm you. Enroll for a professional CFA prep course. This will help you to focus better.

8. Develop Proper Study Strategy

Strategically Study Plan

Source: ibpsexamadda

Develop a study strategy and divide your topics. Assess your skills and chalk out methods for better time management.

9. Do not neglect your body

Take care of your nutrient intake and get adequate sleep. An unhealthy body cannot combat stress in the long run.

10. Do not give up

Under any circumstance, try your best. At least you can gather some knowledge that will help you in future.

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