Vikash Kedia

I passed CA FINAL. I would like to thank you for all your quality materials and your guidance. For the exams, I studied and understood many difficult concepts; you made my studies very efficient and enjoyable. All the best for yourself and for SSEI.


Vikash Kedia(7th rank holder) ( 7th rank holder)


Priyanka Poddar

They do not make us mug up - they make us understand each every concept.


Priyanka Poddar -Research Analyst Zacks Research Pvt Ltd. ( All India Rank holder)

Akkal Dudhwewala

I Passed CA Final. Thanks to you for your comprehensive & invaluable materials. I have recommended SSEI to my friends - A must for SFM.


Akkal Dudhwewala(35th rank holder) ( 35th rank holder)

Soumyadipta Das

Thanks for all your fantastic class notes and concepts.

Soumyadipta Das ( rank holder)


Kiran Khajanchi

SSEI is undoubtedly the number one option for SFM education, and if anything, your hard work deserves a higher price.

Kiran Khajanchi ( 35th rank holder)

Priyadarshini Bothra

I Cleared CA FINAL and guess what I am actually not surprised a wink With SSEI failure is not an option. Special thanks for individual attention, repeat video classes and superb explanation. These really allowed me to stay focused until the exam day. With just the study notes I dont think I would make it.


Priyadarshini Bothra (cleared May 2010 CA) ( rank holder)


Ravi Khaitan

They do not just speak. They deliver.


Ravi Khaitan - Industrial Trainee,ITC ( 48th rank holder)

Rahul Parasrampuria

With due respect to all teachers who have taught me, I can definitely vouchsafe that Sanjay Sir is the best teacher.


Rahul Parasrampuria(5th rank,Nov 2010,SFM-89) ( rank holder)

CA Siddharth Agarwal

Sanjay Sir is a world -class teacher with a unique teaching style. As a CA student, the best things that I experienced at Sir's classes were:-
1. class timings compatible with articleship
2. consistency in teaching pattern 
3. expert knowledge customized to CA curriculum
4. complete notes were dictated by Sir
5. great number of problems were solved in the class.
6. last several terms' papers were also solved
7. full syllabus coverage of what has appeared in exam as well as what is anticipated in exam

 CA Siddharth Agarwal (19th Rank, Nov 2009 MAFA - 78 marks) ( rank holder)