Reasons For Why You Must Study Management Accountancy

Studying subjects such as Economics, Business, Accountancy, and Mathematics comes with a myriad of career option. If you are looking for a rewarding career then go for Management Accountancy. A rising scope of this subject has recently pushed it into the spotlight. Here are few reasons why to give this subject a preference: 1. What is Management Accountancy? Management Accountancy combines the best practices of business, finance, and management to drive a business successfully. As a Management Accountant, you’ll be responsible for guiding the managers Continue reading →

Tips to score high in financial risk management examination

If you have got your FRM registrations done for this year, you need to take into account the ways to crack the financial risk management exams. The FRM exam difficulty has been increasing with every passing year and some helpful tips before the actual examination may help you scale the heights easily. The test is one of the most sought after competitive exams and require careful planning and preparation. Here are the useful tips of cracking the FRM exam: To begin with, have a study Continue reading →

SFM Preparatory Strategy and Frequently Asked Questions

I always try to help out my students with every fibre in my body. I literally go through the angst and pain of a student on the eve of the exam when he is struggling to revise the HUMONGOUS syllabus of SFM (Stochastics and Financial Mathematics) , after coming out enervated of the Accounts Exam (First paper is always a struggle). So I have decided to prepare this write up for you, my students. I am putting forth all the Questions that have been incessantly Continue reading →