Five apps every CA student should experience right now

With a gruelling and stressful schedule, Chartered Accountancy students have an intense time coping with the pressures of the course. But then, when has the road to success been easy? Preparing for C.A exams need a lot of dedication and prioritised effort. Other than the lack of time, one thing that most C.A students have these days is a smart phone. Hence, it goes without saying that a lot many of us use applications on a regular or periodic basis. “Dude, I’ve got to spend Continue reading →


Late in the morning I woke up one day with my Mom yelling at me “beta uthjao pdlo, CA Final dena he, majaak ni he” and I was like – Yes, its not a joke but its surely a devastation of my mind. Without much time to study, I took bathe, eat my Breakfast and ran hurriedly for the articleship training just to recapitulate the fact that my life is a hell and I am bound to suffer as I have opted for my parents Continue reading →

Best CA Firms In India To Work With

Just completed your CA? Searching for a reputed company to start your career with? If yes, then this article is the right one for you. Career as a CA is lucrative and getting into the best CA firm can give a kickstart to your career. Here we have listed some of the best CA firms in India: 1. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP In terms of revenue and number of employees, Deloitte is world’s largest professional service network. It provides services that are related to Continue reading →

Good Reference Books For SFM In CA Final

According to Investopedia – “Strategic financial management is managing an organization’s financial resources so as to achieve its business objectives and maximize its value. Strategic financial management involves a defined sequence of steps that encompasses the full range of a company’s finances, from setting out objectives and identifying resources, analyzing data and making financial decisions, to tracking the variance between actual and budgeted results and identifying the reasons for this variance. The term “strategic” means that this approach to financial management has a long-term horizon.” It is one Continue reading → Continue reading →

Chartered Accountants Of India

Famous Chartered Accountants who’re making India proud. They’re an inspiration for students aspiring to become CAs. Read on. 1. Piyush Goyal Source: economictimes Piyush Goyal, Hon’ble Minister of State had ranked 2nd in the All India Chartered Accountant Exams. He is a well known businessman and has been actively involved with several industrial and trade associations and other social organisations across the country. Earlier, he was the National Treasurer of the Bhartya Janta Party and now he is a Rajya Sabha member. 2. Naina Lal Kidwai Continue reading →

5 Killer Skills To Become A Successful Accountant

“Through perseverance many people win success out of what seemed destined to be certain failure.” ~~~Benjamin Disraeli Source: jobdescription101 Pursuing a career as an accountant is not a piece of cake. It needs perseverance, talent and a set of skills. We’ll be dedicating an entire blog post on perseverance. Over here we’ll emphasise on 5 skills that will make you a successful accountant. 1. Strong Organisational Capability   Source: macanta Accountants have a lot of responsibilities to take care of. From managing portfolios to handling Continue reading →

5 Reasons To Be A Chartered Accountant

1. Be free to work in any industry you wish The flexibility which this course provides is unparallel. You can choose to work in the field of taxation, accountancy, corporate finance, auditing or forensic accounting to name a few. One could even become an author or an artist after doing CA. It is not necessary that you have to only work in the related fields for life. Another upcoming avenue for budding and more so to the experienced CA’s is teaching. If you have what Continue reading →