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Battleground Finance: CFA Vs FRM

Are you interested in a career in Finance? Chances are that you are drifting between two coveted words in the financial dictionary- CFA and FRM. The coveted charter-jewels of the financial sector, it is necessarily the most confusing choice to make, since both the charters come with their own set of skills and are very coveted by the industry and employers. In case you have been caught in the web of confusion as to which charter to pursue greater success, know that both charters come Continue reading →

Deconstructing the CFA maze with no strings attached!

The swiftly changing industrial pulse and ecosystem warrants a high level competitiveness. It’s all about the skill. But while universities and institutes advertise courses that all sound necessary, there is a rising question! Are charters like CFA really that sort after by the Industry heads? If so why? Often termed the ‘Gold Standard’ by investment professionals, the CFA certification is quite literally the jewel of the crop in all of commercial and finance related degrees. With an estimated study time upwards of 750 hours for Continue reading →

Why you should take mock tests before taking the CFA exams!

If you have been anxious of the fact that clearing the CFA exams is difficult, let me tell you something. Your Anxiousness has a reason. There is never smoke without fire, at least in this case. With less than 5% success rate, you can easily call it one of the difficult most charters to gather. Hence the respect it garners in the industry. Given the current market ecosystem, a general graduation degree will not do you much good. You need more mettle in your tussle! Continue reading →

D2H: Direct to Home Classes for assured success!

The market ecosystem is highly competitive these days and many are left to choose between dreams and careers. As far as the corporate set up is concerned, there are a few degrees that are highly recognised and respected in the professional circle. Degrees like CFA, FRM, CA, Actuarial Science CS-FTFM offer a lot of edge to anyone looking to enter the commerce, finance and accounting sector. It is not only fresh graduates or those out of school that look to study these courses. Since work Continue reading →

Things you should if you have failed CFA at first attempt

Okay! So you’ve failed a CFA exam. Chances are you are totally depressed and the world around you seems to be judging you with prying eyes. But do not forget that chances are over 50 percent of your peers who have taken the examination also fail. Let’s not get carried away with the clichéd ‘Failures are the pillars of successes this time around! Well, it makes for great inspiration material, but the only way to succeed is by hating failure! Period! Every dog has its Continue reading →

All you need to know about the CMA intermediate-Indirect Taxation – June’2016

CMA or Cost Management Accounting is highly sought after by companies and employers. The course equips one with the sufficient knowledge not just in accounting but allied financial, management and legal aspects of commerce and accounting. A CMA degree boosts one’s chances of defining a successful career. Register Today The CMA course has three stages, namely CMA foundation, CMA intermediate, and CMA final. While one can join the foundation course after passing 12th, the intermediate degree has different eligibility criteria. Eligibility for CMA-Intermediate Candidate should Continue reading →

CFA level 1 classes to commence on 22nd July 2016 for June 2017 edition

According to the latest research CFA charter holders earn about 55 per cent more than their peers. CFA or Chartered Financial Analyst charter offered by the CFA institute is one of the most respected and glorious degree. Throughout the financial sector, the candidates with CFA degree are sought after by employers and companies, big and small. What is a CFA Certification all about? The CFA certification program is aimed at equipping you with specialization in a wide range of investment principles that can be applied Continue reading →

Top Five businesses, accounting, and bookkeeping blogs you should be following online

If you are a student of business, accounting or bookkeeping, you very well know of countless blogs online that are being recommended as the best blog to be followed by anyone involved in business or accounting. A simple Google search with the keywords, “best online business and accounting blogs” or something similar throws up a never ending list of blogs you can actually read. Most of the times we choose the ones that are ranked high. But with SEO and paid ads being used by Continue reading →

Five apps every CA student should experience right now

With a gruelling and stressful schedule, Chartered Accountancy students have an intense time coping with the pressures of the course. But then, when has the road to success been easy? Preparing for C.A exams need a lot of dedication and prioritised effort. Other than the lack of time, one thing that most C.A students have these days is a smart phone. Hence, it goes without saying that a lot many of us use applications on a regular or periodic basis. “Dude, I’ve got to spend Continue reading →

Sanjay Saraf Educational Institute is proud to launch EXCELSIOR

Sanjay Saraf Educational Institute is proud to launch EXCELSIOR, Series of LIVE sessions on MS Excel integrating theoretical concepts of finance with real life application. Topics that will be covered in the programes are: Forecasting  stock price and exchange rates Valuation of Public Companies Portfolio Analysis Corporate Finance Private Company Valuation Valuation of Derivatives Data Analysis using Advanced Regression Techniques Face to Face Class: Sunday, 19th June, 11.30 am to 3 pm  For Online Live (students not in Kolkata, can attend online live session) : Sunday, 19th June, Continue reading →