5 Reasons To Be A Chartered Accountant

Become A Chartered Accountant

1. Be free to work in any industry you wish

The flexibility which this course provides is unparallel. You can choose to work in the field of taxation, accountancy, corporate finance, auditing or forensic accounting to name a few.

One could even become an author or an artist after doing CA. It is not necessary that you have to only work in the related fields for life.

Another upcoming avenue for budding and more so to the experienced CA’s is teaching. If you have what it takes to become a teacher, CA should be your calling as in commercial studies it is a benchmark course when it comes to knowledge.
I have personally chosen teaching as my career, due to the challenges and also the nobleness of the teaching profession.

Many CA’s also choose to work in the field of Government sector as public servants and later on shine in the CAG office.

2. Transformation into a professional

The rigor and the vigor one has to show to become a CA cannot be expressed in mere words. It can only be experienced. And that experience transforms a person into a professional. A professional understands the essence of discipline. A professional knows the importance of commitment. And CA teaches you all these. Once a person finishes CA going through the rigmaroles and hiccups of the course, he is made. A professional gets born.

3. Social prestige

A CA is always seen in the society as an epitome of knowledge and a successful professional. The social regard and perception towards this degree is very high.

Your neighbors will start praising you while you are doing CA. Some will even ask you every time about the status/results of your attempts in exam.

But trust me the day you pass CA and become a qualified CA, the very same neighbors will start envying you and coax their own children at home to be a CA like you.

You will take pride in telling people about what you do and that you are a CA.

4. Entrance at higher level & growth opportunity

Usually CA’s even as a fresher are hired at the managerial level and not below. And with the right amount of exposure and opportunity CA s are most preferred to get a promotion and growth in the industry vis-à-vis other professionals.

Intra industry the other professionals, for example your colleagues will always look up-to you, as everyone knows the worth of the CA degree.

5. Good Perks and Global course

Lastly a CA earns quite handsomely compared to other professionals at the starting level and also has huge growth potential in future.

Not only does this course ensure good perks in India. But an Indian CA is also preferred in some other countries like Dubai, Australia & New Zealand.

Some of the accounting bodies in abroad have exempted Indian CAs from most of the papers in their CA exams.

Indian CAs are recognized and respected globally. Some countries in the middle east and also in Africa offer really handsome packages to Indian CAs.

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