SFM Preparatory Strategy and Frequently Asked Questions

I always try to help out my students with every fibre in my body. I literally go through the angst and pain of a student on the eve of the exam when he is struggling to revise the HUMONGOUS syllabus of SFM (Stochastics and Financial Mathematics) , after coming out enervated of the Accounts Exam (First paper is always a struggle).

So I have decided to prepare this write up for you, my students. I am putting forth all the Questions that have been incessantly blurted on me over last 15 years. Also I want to give you a piece of me so that you feel a bit confident before SFM exam – YOU SHOULD BE – Even if you haven’t put in a lot of time in doing homeworks or revision; still you ought to be confident enough that you have attended my SFM classes. Trust me the amount of Hard Labour that you have put in by merely attending my 100 classes makes you more than DESERVING to get 60+ in SFM without any extra Leverage.

It’s the last class of this session – the SFM batch of Nov 2013 & May 2014. Its been a pleasure teaching you all through these 100 classes – a collective investment of 100 X 3 = 300 hours in classroom.

FAQ 1 –Sir, I am struggling with 1800 pages of Notes. Main Kaise revise karoon or should I hire someone to revise it for me?

Answer:- First, You will have to pay the price for Success yourself – no one else can pay it for you.

Now as far as Revision Strategy is concerned, I can help you meticulously on that ground.

SFM Prep 2

FAQ 2 – Sir please IMPORTANT Mark karwa dijiye. I love you and will love you more if you do this little favour?

Answer:- Even I love you like a sibling, yet for your own safety I can’t play with your future like scapegoat teachers by giving you important. This is CA Final and not B.Com. Here the “Approach to the Sum” matters much more than “Numericals” that you solve. You can’t game the Paper.

P.S. Please understand that this IMPORTANT MARKING is a futile exercise because it has happened so many times with me that what I think is important doesn’t turnout in exam and what appears to be unimportant turns up.

FAQ 3 – What about sums which are still unsolved-i.e., not done in class, not discussed as home work and not covered in hand out?

Answer:- Leave those Questions. I teach very meticulously. When I have not discussed a sum, it implies that the sum is not worth discussing; else I would have deliberated on it.

FAQ 4 – What if our class solution doesn’t tally with Institute’s solution?

Answer:- You may follow class solution and give a note unless you can take the pains of illogically mugging up Institute’s solution. Please you got to trust me on this. I have been teaching SFM for last 15 years. Don’t break your balls on barnacles.

FAQ 5 – Sir, my exams are due in 2016 – How would I be updated regarding changes?

Answer - Everything till Nov 13 is covered in class. You don’t have to read anything form anywhere other than my MAT. Every term before EXAM I conduct Amendments Class – you can attend it; You don’t even need to be in Kolkata – By God’s Grace my classes are run at 95 places in India where you can attend the Amendment class in your home town.

Moreover MAN has invented a great communication device, which we call MOBILE, and I will keep you posted on the latest things.

FAQ 6 – Sir, I had missed so many classes of this and that topic – what do I do?

Answer -

Option 1: Attend LIVE again free of cost

Option 2: Attend at any of the 95+ Franchisees free of cost

FAQ 7 – Sir, I am really worried – I feel I am forgetting everything – so many formulas, long tables, touch calculations, dirty power, etc?

Answer:- Please grow up – You need to become strong to beat your competition –

To Quote in non financial jargon – “Satya aur Sahas hay jiske mann mein – jeet usi ki hoye.”

FAQ 8 – Sir I am confident about SFM but I am worried about clearing my Exams?

Answer:- Group 1 comprises of 4 papers – 2 Practical and 2 Theory Papers.

Students are overly dependent on the Practical papers targeting 70/80+ and assuming in advance that you will be royally screwed up in Theory Papers. That’s so wrong. I have seen so many students who fair poor in Practical because of tough Paper but score exceedingly well in theory. You need ot pay attention to the other 200 marks as well. Although it is not my habit to promote any one on podium and go for marketing gimmicks; so much so that I have never cajoled any student for my own brother, Prakash Sir for Costing; yet in your own interest, I would advise you to attend Siddharth Sir’s lectures. You can log on to YouTube and just type out “Amendment in CA Final Law May 2014” and watch his video on MCX vs SEBI. You will realize that law and Audit is as scoring as Accounts or SFM, if not more.



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