Sanjay Saraf Educational Institute-SSEI

SSEI is India's leading global provider of diverse education and training programs which include professional accountancy and financial training, financial markets, postgraduate and undergraduate degrees. Over the years SSEI has expanded both geographically in terms of presently having its set-up in100+ locations pan-India as well as product wise where it caters to domestic courses – CA, CS, CMA and® integrating it globally with international courses – CFA , FRM, ACCA, CPA.Faculties at SSEI take teaching very seriously and follow a structured pattern throughout the weeks of scheduled coaching enabling timely completion of the course along with regular discussion classes.


To provide high quality training to students aspiring to become finance professionals, thereby benefitting the global capital markets and society.


A key belief is that access to knowledge is a very important factor in achieving the goal. By removing barriers, such as classes’ accessibility and quality of the classes, we can vastly increase access to the program and deliver literacy to people around the world. This, in turn, benefits the society as well as our capital market.We have created an integrated digital learning. Anyone, anywhere with a secure internet connection will be able to access the program, benefitting students and professionals around the country aspiring people to know and learn about the finance sector. With the advanced technology we have overcome the mindset of live classes. We believe education and learning should reach everyone who wants to learn but is deprived of enough opportunities.Core and value system

SSEI’s core and value system stands on the 5 principles –

  1. Integrity,
  2. Knowledge,
  3. Support,
  4. Opportunity and
  5. Results.

At SSEI, our mission is to help individuals achieve their educational and career goals. We make sure that we work and live by our core principles; conducting ourselves in an honest and ethical way, helping our

Learners grasp every opportunity and drawing on our wealth of skills and experience to deliver excellence in everything we do. SSEI is committed to provide quality content, assessment tools and educational services in all available media. Our mission is to provide an affordable resource for anybody, anywhere to add career-related skills so they can secure a better job and life.

We do not deliver lectures. We deliver success.

The key components of success include the ability to connect across disciplines, being systems savvy, understanding larger organisational context, having situational fluency/adaptability, cultivating a valuable network of contacts, and understanding and leveraging diverse perspectives.

We at SSEI focus to inculcate these key components in every student who chooses us as their learning partner.

 T-Shaped Skills – The term was first used in-house at McKinsey & Company-T-shaped skills – or a T-shaped person – is a reference to qualities that make an employee valuable; they possess excellent knowledge of and skills in specific areas and are good at working with others in a collaborative way.

Leadership skills – analysts will eventually lead teams of analysts and this requires a show of leadership. To not just be able to lead a team, but mentor junior analysts and create a collaborative culture that will create successful companies.

Soft skills – For aspiring accounting and finance workers, strong written and oral communication skills are important, but it’s just as imperative to be able to explain financial jargon in simple terms. Many companies choose candidates who can make complex industry language legible to clients who have limited knowledge, as opposed to potential hires who simply regurgitate what they’ve learned.

Technical skills – include an array of knowledge topics that include computing abilities, quantitative analysis and various financial market forecasting techniques. Technical analysis requires a variety of mathematical skills, often advanced in nature, to produce price chart analysis and model trends that look at historical information to predict future price movements.

The very foundation of a student’s successful career is built in class 11th and 12th insuring that his higher ventures in finance bear the desired results. With our experience of more than 2 decades we pledge to strengthen this foundation ensuring a brighter future for our country.


There are different types of teaching methods which can be categorized into three broad categories:

  • Method 1

Teach the student the topic and then set test questions.

  • Method 2

Give students test questions without teaching and let them apply their brains and you then pitch in by teaching

The study revealed that method 2 is more successful,  as in this method it is their brain that is leading while in method 1, they are just following.

  • We at SSEI believe and use Method 3

Give the student an exemplified idea of a topic and  it shouldn’t feel like you are teaching. It should seem like you are just sharing a story and based on that ,the  student has already got some rough idea of the topic and that too without stress.

Now we  give questions so that he is able to apply that, even though you haven’t taught the entire thing in a formal manner .Then when you discuss the solutions, you pitch in remaining concepts. Everything is complete without stress.

We propagate method 3.


  • Comprehensive portfolio of market leading professional qualifications and tailored training programmes.
  • Choice of flexible ways to study to suit changing lifestyles.
  • Experienced tutors, assessors and support staff.
  • Dedicated support through every step of your studies.
  • Pass rates that consistently exceed national averages.
  • Quality learning materials written by specialists who teach our courses.
  • Our mission is to help individuals achieve their goals and realise their potential.
  • Find out more about our qualifications and courses.